One step in the Progressives Web Apps

Few months ago, a friend of mine @florpeliere started to work on progressives web apps.
First, I was intrigued, but not that much.
Then he gave us a talk about them, and I started to realise the potential of this concept.
Well, it is not a huge change, it is something which is used for a while; but now, there is a name on it and an official specification.

A web app on my phone, with offline data, ok but what kind of app ?

So I decided to develop an example of Progressive Web App using Ember.js.
For the behaviour I decided to make a blog. I think that it could be nice when you like a blog, to have it offline when you are in the subway.

Main points:

  • Be able to read offline
  • Fetching and caching full posts when updating the post list
  • Nice UI but not necessarily material design (I decided to use the Casper theme from Ghost)

Technical Specifications:

  • A frontend using Ember.js
  • A backend using Sails
  • MongoDB to store data
  • Docker in Dev with a docker-compose file
  • Docker in prod to push on heroku

(If you are looking for a ssl certificate for your app, go on Let's Encrypt)


  • To have a real blog I have to add an admin part to write posts and change settings
  • To improve the app shell to avoid the blank page when loading the application
  • To write some posts?

The project: Ember Blog

You can find the code of the application here

Few screenshots :


Post list

Post detail