Meetup Analogy

Yesterday I was in a Meetup, I was listening a guy explain us how this tech was very helpful for his company; the way it changed all their way of thinking...

Suddenly, I felt like I was in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. And I start to imagine this kind of meeting.
Lets imagine we are in a DMA (DOM Manipulation Anonymous) with Brad (why Brad? I really do not know)

DMA Meeting

  • Brad: "Hello everyone, my name is Brad, and I'm a DMA."
  • People: "Hello Brad."
  • Brad: "It's been 2 months since the last time I've manipulated the DOM."
  • Brad: "I used to be a jQuery addict, I was in love with CSS selectors, and classes manipulation"
  • Brad: "A friend of mine helped me to get out of this infernal cycle and told me about AngularJS, so I've started to use it during many month."
  • Brad: "Well, two months ago, I had a relapse and I put some jQuery code in my controller. It was more powerful than myself, I wasn't able to think clearly. I'm so weak"

Then, Brad started to cry.... :'(
A guy (maybe his mentor), stood up, and took him in his arms for a big hug. People came up and applauded.

  • People: "Thank you Brad, we are with you"

  • The organizer: "Ok everyone, thank you for your stories. Now you can go to eat pizzas"

The End..

This story made my day :)

Do not take it in the wrong way; I really like going in Meetups, even talking in some of them. I just thought this story was funny and wanted to share it with you.