Docker's 3rd birthday celebration

Docker's 3rd birthday celebration

The event

This week is the Docker's 3rd birthday.
Around the world, a lot of meetups were organized with the same program.

For this event the Docker team has created a specific presentation with a fun training on how to build, ship and run a distributed application with ease.

The slides of the presentation :

The training was in two parts:

First, a self-paced beginners’ tutorial for attendees to learn Docker.

Then, after the training, everyone was invited to participate to a challenge which consisted in improving the sample voting app presented last year during the Docker Con EU.
From new features to changes to the architecture, Docker was looking for cool hacks based on what we learned during the training!

All the training materials were available on .

The meetup in Paris (21st of March)

The meetup was hosted by school 42. It was the first time I saw so many people. The room was full, some were forced to sit on the ground.

The presentation was given by @AdrienBlind. He provided us a really clear and interesting talk.

During the training and before the social time, we split the group in two smaller groups and the mentors (including myself) helped attendees to run the training.

In the end it was a really good introduction for a lot of people. Some thought that the challenge was far more complicated than the training.

Hands-on Docker (22nd of March)

As I announced few weeks ago on this post I gave last night a hands-on Docker at Sfeir.

During almost 3 hours, attendees learnt how to build, ship and run applications with Docker.

The training was in 6 parts:

  • Running your first container
  • Using the Docker hub to get images and use them
  • Dockerfile: create your own image
  • Real case: use docker in an existing application
  • Link: communication between containers
  • Docker Compose: Automatize build & run

Finally came the reward (thanks to SFEIR) :

If you are interested by the Hands-on Docker, leave me a comment.
Maybe I could organize another one soon.

Happy birthday Docker !